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Print is one of the most overlooked security risks for most organizations.

Use these resources to understand and address latent vulnerabilities in your print environment.

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The Print Security Landscape, 2023

Quocirca’s Global Print Security Landscape 2023 report reveals that organisations face ongoing challenges in securing print infrastructure. Home printing continues to cause security concerns, with employee shadow purchasing making it harder to control document security. Print-related data breaches remain prevalent, with 61% of respondents reporting at least one data loss in the last 12 months, rising to 67% amongst midmarket organisations. This is leading to lower confidence, particularly among SMBs, in the security of print infrastructure.

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What is Secure Cloud Printing and How Does It Work?

Secure cloud printing (also referred to as secure print release, Follow Me printing, or pull printing) is a feature that allows users to send a document to a printer, but hold the document in a queue until the user is physically present at the printer to release it.

This can help to prevent sensitive or confidential documents from being left unclaimed and potentially seen by unauthorized individuals.

To release a document that has been sent to a secure printer, the user typically needs to enter a PIN or use a card reader at the printer to authenticate themselves. Some secure release print systems also allow users to release documents from a computer or mobile device using a web interface.

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Secure print workflows

  • Pharos Secure Release enables users to submit print jobs from any network and retrieve them at any secured printer that’s convenient without mapping printers
  • Prevent sensitive documents from being left unattended at the printer by requiring authentication to release print jobs
  • Quickly digitize and disseminate documents with integrated scanning capabilities with a consistent scan experience across a multi-vendor MFP fleet
  • Provide guests and contractors with the ability to print with no added administrative burden for IT

Pharos Secure Release

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