Improve Your Print Operations
by Migrating Print Servers to the Cloud

What if you could downscale on-premises infrastructure and significantly cut down print management time?

What if you could migrate your print infrastructure to a cloud-based solution, like so many other applications?

What if you could transform your print environment?

With Pharos Cloud you can.

“When I’m asked why Pharos is our vendor of choice for secure print… it’s more than software, it’s the company and people behind the software that’s important. Keep it up!”

Learn How You Can Migrate Print to the Cloud

What Our Customers Say

“Empowering users to register themselves was key. The setup wizard made it a breeze for us to get started.”

What Our Customers Say

“I learned more in 45 minutes with Pharos Insights than I did in six months of working with a print management consultant.”  

What Our Customers Say

“It’s surprisingly easy to identify savings opportunities. We are now driving volume to the most cost-effective devices and saving a ton of money.”