What Questions Should You Ask to
Reduce the Cost of Print?

Use this guide to help you uncover common, yet often hidden costs, and gain a better understanding what’s driving printing costs in your organization.

  • Do we have visibility into what our employees are printing?
  • Printers: Do we have too many, not enough, and the right kinds for our office?
  • How much time is our team spending on supporting employee printing?
  • Do we have company-wide benchmarks we can use to measure our cost-reduction improvements?
pharos print management

Print Management in the Insurance Industry

By aligning the company’s print capacity with business roles and needs, gaining actionable intelligence from Pharos Insights, and reducing waste with secure print workflows, this large insurance company lowered its annual printing costs from $16.3 million to just $3 million, achieving cumulative savings of $61 million over 8 years.

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