Reduce Print-Related Help Desk Calls with Pharos Cloud

Print management software that makes it easy for users to print, and reduces the time IT spends fielding print-related help desk calls.

  • Users can easily find and add printers
  • A “universal” IPP print driver works with thousands of printer models
  • Enable employees to view available direct printers at their current location
  • Easy-to-use Print-At-Home capabilities
  • Used by Global Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Consulting Firms, eCommerce Giants and Century-Old Retail Brands

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What Our Customers Say

“5 years ago, a big change occurred. Pharos focused on the product and their vision in the market. Since then, they have generated multi-million dollar ROIs for us and others and made the digital to physical output ubiquitous and secure. My recommendation? Whatever Pharos says, do it.”

What Our Customers Say

“Empowering users to register themselves was key. The setup wizard made it a breeze for us to get started.”

What Our Customers Say

“I learned more in 45 minutes with Pharos Insights than I did in six months of working with a print management consultant.”  

What Our Customers Say

“It’s surprisingly easy to identify savings opportunities. We are now driving volume to the most cost-effective devices and saving a ton of money.”  

Cloud Printing Platform

Pharos Cloud is a comprehensive print management software that helps organizations streamline their printing processes, reduce costs, and enhance security. With Pharos Cloud, users can print securely from any device, anywhere, and at any time. This cloud-based solution eliminates the need for on-premise servers and software, providing a scalable and flexible solution that can meet the needs of large organizations.

Simplify Printing with Pharos Direct Print

Familiar, direct-to-printer workflows in the cloud.

  • Simplify vendor driver management and reduce user frustration with a single print driver supporting your print devices, regardless of manufacturer
  • Enable employees to invite guests, change regions, and add printers to reduce IT burden
  • Eliminate costly print infrastructure with a platform proven
    to meet the security, scalability, and high-availability requirements of large enterprises

Secure Printing with Pharos Secure Release

Secure print workflows enhance document security and reduce waste by requiring authentication at a device to release print jobs.

  • Pharos Secure Release enables users to submit print jobs from any network and retrieve them at any secured printer that’s convenient without mapping printers
  • Prevent sensitive documents from being left unattended at the printer by requiring authentication to release print jobs
  • Enable employee printing to operate in a mature zero trust environment
  • Eliminate print server vulnerabilities with a secure cloud platform built on AWS

Control Printing Costs with Pharos Insights

Comprehensive analytics that give actionable insights to reduce costs and optimize the print environment.

  • View the fleet at glance, or drill down into individual devices, departments, and print jobs
  • Quickly identify outliers and top cost-producing users and devices
  • Automatically discover and populate new printers added to the network within Pharos Cloud
  • Achieve total enterprise-wide fleet awareness in as little as 1 hour.
  • Supports your existing multi-vendor fleet

Support Your Workforce with Pharos Print at Home

Gain visibility and control over employees’ at-home printing— with or without VPN.

  • Universal print driver supports print devices across all manufacturers—a common UI simplifies user experience and troubleshooting
  • Enable employees to print to devices on their home network while maintaining visibility and control over what they print
  • Intuitive BYOD print experience from Chromebooks and mobile devices (iOS and Android)

What Happens When You Migrate
Print to the Cloud?

Pharos Cloud print management software helps reduce your organization’s printing costs and is easy on your IT staff and users—no matter how many printers you have or where your teams work.

Reduce Print Costs

Eliminate your expensive print infrastructure and change employee printing behavior.

Enhance Security

Secure your printing with end-to-end encryption, secure print workflows, and a platform supporting zero trust principles.

Print from Home with Ease

Allow remote and hybrid employees to easily print from their company laptops to printers on their home network—with or without VPN.

Manage Printer Fleets Efficiently

Intuitively manage your entire multi-vendor printer fleet behind a single pane of glass through our easy-to-use print management software.

Get Actionable Insights

Optimize your print environment with comprehensive analytics that provide instant understanding of where prints are coming from.

Improve the User Experience

Reduce user frustration with a consistent print experience across platforms to your multi-vendor fleet.


Print Management in the Insurance Industry

By aligning the company’s print capacity with business roles and needs, gaining actionable intelligence from Pharos Insights, and reducing waste with secure print workflows, this large insurance company lowered its annual printing costs from $16.3 million to just $3 million, achieving cumulative savings of $61 million over 8 years.

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Optimize Print with Pharos

Learn more about how to simplify print security, increase IT productivity, and cut waste with Pharos Cloud. Schedule a meeting with us today.

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