Adding The Pharos Chrome Print Extension

It’s easy to add Pharos Chrome Print to your Chromebook or Chrome browser:

1: On the Pharos Chrome Print page, click Add to Chrome

2: In your extensions list, click the icon and enter your configuration URL.

(You will receive an email with this URL, or your site administrator will pre-configure it for you.)

3: Print something!

In your print preview, select Pharos Chrome Printer (Or Secure Printer, depending on the Pharos solution).

Pharos Chrome Printer

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Secure printing from any Chrome OS device

Pharos Chrome Print makes it easy to print from your Chromebook or Chrome browser into any Pharos print management system. This is especially useful for K-12 schools, colleges, and companies who manage their Chromebooks.

Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Simply add the extension to Chrome as shown here, and you’re all set. Print as you normally do, and make sure Pharos Chrome Printer is selected. Your documents will be parked in your organization’s system until you walk up to your preferred printer and use your phone or ID card to log in and release your documents. For more info:

>> See Pharos Beacon Solution Brief on

>> Learn more about our Chrome Enterprise Recommended status

~ Chromebook Printing: FAQ ~

Q: Is this a replacement for Google Cloud Print?
A: Yes. Google is shutting down the Google Cloud Print service in 2021. This simple extension allows our customers to continue to support printing from Chromebooks.
Q: What does it cost?
A: Nothing - it's a free extension that enables printing from Chromebooks into any Pharos print management system.
Q: Do I need a print driver?
A: No, Chromebook users in a Pharos environment only need this extension to print. Pharos Chrome Print provides driverless printing via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP).
Q: Does the extension support mixed-OS environments?
A: Yes! Pharos Chrome Print works on Chrome OS devices, and it also works with the Chrome browser on other OS systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Q: Will any network printer work with the Chrome OS extension?
A: The Pharos Chrome Print extension works with any Pharos-secured printer, and you can release your documents as you normally would.
Q: Do I need to share the company URL with my employees?
A: No. You can deploy a fully configured Pharos Chrome Print extension to your employees that includes your company configuration URL. Employees simply log in using their company credentials to start using Pharos Chrome Print.
Q: Can I mass-deploy the extension to employees?
A: Yes! As an IT admin, you can distribute the extension pre-configured via your Google Administration console.
Q: Do employees need a Google account?
A: No. Pharos Chrome Print will use your company's OpenID provider for user authentication. Popular OpenID providers include Azure AD (Microsoft 365), Google, Okta, and Ping Identity.
Q: Can I customize the Chromebook invite message to my employees?
A: Yes. The email invite is a template. You can invite yourself, update the email message, and then distribute to your employees.
Q: How do I know my Chromebook is ready for secure printing?
A: You'll see a green checkmark on the Pharos Chrome Print extension when the company URL is set and the employee is signed in.
Q: Where is the Pharos Chrome Print extension after I install it?
A: You'll see it in your list of Chrome extensions. Click the puzzle piece icon to open the list. You can pin any Chrome extension to the top of your Chrome browser.
Q: Where is the Secure Printer in my printer list?
A: As the screenshot above shows, the Secure Printer will be automatically installed when the Pharos Chrome Print extension is configured with your company URL.
Q: My employees received a message stating that "cloud printing will no longer be supported after December 31." Will Pharos Chrome Print require any changes after December 31 to continue working?
A: No. Pharos Chrome Print does not rely on Google Cloud Print, so the extension works today and will work after Google decommissions Google Cloud Print on December 31.

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