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Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions that are verified by Google to meet important technical and support standards for Chrome OS devices. (See Solution Brief on

Chrome Enterprise Recommended

We’re proud to be among Google’s recommended solution partners and we look forward to an exciting future serving Chrome users together!  Learn More >>

Pharos Beacon: A Chrome Enterprise Recommended Solution

As a Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner, the Pharos development team worked directly with Google to validate the functionality, quality, and security of the Pharos Chrome Print extension and the secure transmission of documents into the Pharos Beacon cloud platform.

The Pharos Chrome Print extension makes it easy to print from your Chromebook or Chrome browser into any Pharos print management system. This is especially useful for K-12 schools, colleges, and companies who manage their employee Chromebooks.

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~ Chrome Enterprise Recommended: FAQ ~

Q: Does Google have a video for more information on this program?

A: Yes! Check it out here:

Q: What common challenges does this program address?

A: Risk of downtime to business as usual. IT teams need new technology that won’t result in lost productivity or delayed implementation across the business.

Compatibility issues with existing apps and systems. Introducing a new technology that’s incompatible with current investments can cause huge headaches.

Risk of productivity impact from investment in new tech. Piloting new technologies and troubleshooting ongoing issues that arise is time-consuming.

Resistance to change from within an organization. If users have a poor experience with a new technology, it can make it difficult to move adoption forward.

Q: What are some key benefits for businesses?

A: Easily identify verified solutions. The Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge tells customers that the app runs great on Chrome OS and Chrome browsers – with the assurance they’ll be supported by Google.

Reduce risk of compatibility issues or breaks. Partners have gone through extensive testing, so IT teams know they can trust technologies like Pharos Chrome Print and Pharos Beacon.

Shorten testing cycles for apps in your environment. Google does the heavy lifting on product testing so that customers can focus on testing specific to their environment.

Simplify the change management process by choosing a solution verified by Google. With Chrome Enterprise Recommended verified solutions, IT teams can show value and build a case for increased adoption.

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