In this recorded webinar, we share our views on print industry trends for 2017 and the Pharos response to those market drivers. Topics include:

Security: Security-related topics will continue to dominate the headlines and capture the attention of business leaders and IT professionals in 2017 and beyond. Over the next 5 years, spending on cybersecurity is expected to top 1 trillion dollars. This is also one of the top themes in the print industry today and it continues to be one of our top priorities at Pharos, as we work to help our customers secure their printing workflows.

Usability and administrative efficiency: People have come to expect software that’s easy to understand and use. We continue to strive to make our solutions intuitive for both administrators and end users.

Actionable data analytics: The best analytics tools help people take effective actions in support of their corporate objectives. Pharos Beacon gives IT managers and business unit leaders the intel and decision support they need to lower printing costs and track progress over time.

This is an hour-long recorded webinar. Click the timeline to jump to the following topics:

  • Technology trends: 09:20
  • Managing Change: 15:15
  • Security in the printing workflow: 24:10
  • Cloud print management solutions: 31:00
  • Reducing IT infrastructure and maintenance: 49:24