Why would I use both Pharos Cloud and Microsoft Universal Print?

If your organization is using Microsoft 365 in an Azure AD environment, Microsoft Universal Print provides an easy way to manage printers via group policy. Pharos Cloud provides several extra capabilities on top of Microsoft Universal Print:

  • Secure printing, including end-to-end encryption
  • A single queue that users can print to, and then release anywhere
  • Mobile printing capability using iOS or Android devices
  • Actionable print analytics to help drive continual savings and optimization
  • Identity management and federated authentication
  • Support for proximity cards, email authentication, and mobile app release

How does Universal Print integrate with Pharos Cloud to enable secure printing workflows?

Pharos Cloud creates a single virtual printer inside Universal Print. All users print to that single shared printer object. It’s super simple.

The user then walks up to any enabled printer in the organization. After the individual authenticates (via proximity card, mobile release, or keypad login), Pharos Cloud pulls all of the print jobs held by Universal Print and all print jobs held by Pharos Cloud. The individual’s job list from both sources is presented on the device panel for print release. Documents are then printed from Universal Print and/or Pharos Cloud.

Do I need a Microsoft account?

To run Microsoft Universal print, you will need a Microsoft 365 account connected to Azure AD. The Pharos Cloud integration leverages that same Microsoft account.

What printers work with Universal Print?

Printer manufacturers are coming out with new printers that natively support Universal Print. For existing printers that do not have the required firmware, Microsoft provides a connector, a small Windows application that connects printers to the Microsoft 365 cloud.

I’m already a Pharos customer. Do I need to change anything?

We get this question a lot. You don’t need to change a thing. Universal Print is simply an option that organizations can use to integrate their Pharos solution with Azure AD, to secure printers for authorized use and protect document confidentiality.