What are some key benefits for businesses?

  • Easily identify verified solutions. The Chrome Enterprise Recommended badge tells customers that the app runs great on Chrome OS and Chrome browsers – with the assurance they’ll be supported by Google.
  • Reduce risk of compatibility issues or breaks. Partners have gone through extensive testing, so IT teams know they can trust technologies like Pharos Chrome Print and Pharos Beacon.
  • Shorten testing cycles for apps in your environment. Google does the heavy lifting on product testing so that customers can focus on testing specific to their environment.
  • Simplify the change management process by choosing a solution verified by Google. With Chrome Enterprise Recommended verified solutions, IT teams can show value and build a case for increased adoption.

What common challenges does this program address?

  • Risk of downtime to business as usual. IT teams need new technology that won’t result in lost productivity or delayed implementation across the business.
  • Compatibility issues with existing apps and systems. Introducing a new technology that’s incompatible with current investments can cause huge headaches.
  • Risk of productivity impact from investment in new tech. Piloting new technologies and troubleshooting ongoing issues that arise is time-consuming.
  • Resistance to change from within an organization. If users have a poor experience with a new technology, it can make it difficult to move adoption forward.