Pharos is proud to announce the latest update to Sentry Print!

Sentry Print is an important part of Beacon, our line of cloud print management services. It provides true cloud secure printing for any corporate network—even zero trust networks, which are rapidly growing in adoption. IT managers can reduce or even fully eliminate their print infrastructure, enable secure printing from workstations and mobile devices, and offload their print management tasks to cloud services. Sentry Print provides an unprecedented level of simplicity, flexibility, and ROI.

Sentry Print

Serverless secure printing can look very different from one business to the next, and Sentry Print is the only true cloud, multi-vendor print management system that supports all types of corporate networks, regardless of their size or how they are distributed.

With Sentry Print, you can:

  • Quickly and easily shift your on-premises printing infrastructure to the cloud
  • Reduce or completely eliminate print servers for immediate ROI
  • Enable driverless secure printing on mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • Manage printing operations in a zero trust network environment
  • Tie into OpenID Connect services (e.g. Office 365, Azure AD and Google) for simple user authentication

You can also offer your employees secure touchless printing workflows to help prepare for the new reality we’re all facing. When we return to our offices, many people will prefer to limit their contact with shared surfaces like printer control panels. Offering this option to employees is a proactive way to contribute to workplace safety and help ease concerns.

Take advantage of all the benefits that infrastructure-as-a-service provides: automatic scaling and updates, simple deployment, subscription pricing, and no internal services to manage! You can learn more about Sentry Print here and read the official release notes in our community. For any questions, please contact