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Dale McIntyre

Dale McIntyre Dale McIntyre

Vice President | Marketing, Sustainability

BEFORE JOINING PHAROS, Dale brought his energy and creative vision to Kodak (while dreaming of being a professional baseball player). Author of over 160 US Patents, Dale has a knack for translating technology into the language of business, and vice versa. He has helped lead Pharos in exciting new directions, from bringing fresh clarity to the Pharos brand to being the driving force behind the company’s recent recognition as a certified B Corp.

An avid explorer, Dale has hiked all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondack Mountains and savors the solitude of wilderness settings while camping, hiking and canoeing with his wife, three boys and friends. His passion for sustainability is driven by a strong sense of stewardship and is evident in his approach to his varied personal pursuits.

“Pharos values my passion for learning and creativity, for applying the skills I have acquired to a new set of challenges. I enjoy the process of growing the business and the flexibility afforded to me to get it done.”

Federal agencies are increasingly under intense scrutiny and pressure to cut costs, tighten security and become more sustainable. Agencies can go about this any number of ways, but one path toward achieving all of these goals is often hidden: the proactive management of office printing.

Print management solutions are a hidden treasure for government and business leaders implementing technology solutions. Most users don’t think about the printing done across their organization; they don’t realize that a huge opportunity exists to achieve significant financial and security gains by managing print strategically. In fact, in a survey conducted for printer manufacturer Ricoh, 39 percent of businesses (including government agencies) said the cost of replacing printer cartridges is one of the hardest to measure, while 30 percent cited printer downtime as a major unmeasured cost.

Print management technology can reveal all the hidden costs associated with printing and make it easy to reduce organizational consumption and waste, but the benefits don’t stop there. When implemented correctly, print management solutions can also help to create a more secure environment.

With government cyberattacks reaching an all-time high, there’s a bigger push than ever to strengthen and modernize IT operations — and with that comes bigger budgets for getting the job done. Successful print management brings agencies and businesses closer to the goal of a secure environment and it frees up funding for other pressing security matters.

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Let us help you establish more mindful and sustainable printing habits in your organization. You’ll be surprised to see how much more efficient your printing operations can be and how much money you can save your organization every year. Start the conversation today!

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