Print management is rarely a popular topic of discussion among leaders in healthcare, even when they’re performing value analyses and devising strategies to reduce costs. Many healthcare organizations have a contract with a managed print services (MPS) provider, and too often, the assumption is that all potential savings are accounted for in the contract. MPS companies provide an important service, but they often focus on only half of the story.

This can cause healthcare leaders to overlook as much as 50 percent of the opportunity to lower their enterprise printing costs. MPS focuses on the supply side of the problem (the printers that are deployed and their locations throughout the organization) rather than the demand side (the people who print).

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The reality is that much of the costs associated with printing stems from non-essential printing habits and inefficient workflows. When you attack the demand side of the problem strategically, you can begin to reduce print volume to business-critical documents and then optimize your printer fleet for this reduced demand. This is the path to significant savings, which you can redirect toward patient-facing services.

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