Now that software as a service (SaaS) is commonplace and cloud-based services are practically everywhere, you might think you’ve heard about every available offering. But cloud services are still expanding their reach into some surprising areas. Here are a few industries that SaaS has only begun to penetrate.

1. Print management services

Many businesses spend between 1 and 3 percent of their revenue on printing, and yet printing is often overlooked as an expense that needs to be managed. And even when it is managed, the effort is often focused on the hardware and related consumables, instead of attacking the demand for printed documents.

Companies can save millions of dollars on office printing by implementing an effective print strategy, starting with the collection of printing data to establish a baseline from which to measure future results.

With cloud print management services, you can quickly discover how much printing is taking place across your organization or within specific departments, who is printing, what applications employees are printing from, the cost of each print job, and many other key details. Print data analytics can help you discover why your printing costs are out of hand and light the path to saving money and improving efficiency.

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