We’ve all been through something historic and unprecedented over the past year. We’ve seen a lot and we’ve learned a lot. In our own ways we’ve likely all wondered, what will the future look like?

Whether it be the impact on businesses, education, recreation, or society at large, the global pandemic has compelled us to reflect upon our lives and our future.

Print from iPad

As CEO of Pharos, the future of printing has always been part of my strategic thinking, but the pandemic and its many ripple effects have brought into focus the future of printing in ways no one could have predicted.

Adapting for Success

Many companies reported initial increases in productivity with the transition to an almost universally remote workforce. That begs the question, will the office ever return to its prior state? I believe it also begs the question, will reported increases in productivity sustain, and were they real to begin with?

The key to success for Pharos, and perhaps our industry as a whole, is to continue to adapt. Despite the profound challenges we have faced, Pharos has continued to grow and exceed expectations in this environment thanks to the growth mindset of our people and the nature of our services. Both factors have prepared us for any eventuality, whether we see a gradual return to an 80-90% in-office workforce or a long-term transformation of business perspective that values home offices and individual preferences.

Our observations, our conversations with partners, the success of many vaccination options, and several economic data points and trends suggest that businesses will gradually return to the office. It might not ever look exactly the same as it was, but we think it will be close.

In the following recorded webinar, I address many of these data points and trends, including:

I also answer several questions from business leaders and industry observers. Have a listen. If you have any question about the future of print in the office, cloud print services, or any other related topics, please reach out to us here or write to us at sales@pharos.com

(This webinar was held on Wednesday, January 27th, 2021.)