Three Ways to Help Ensure Successful Change Management Outcomes

Dale McIntyre

For a company to prosper, it must be willing to continually evolve. The more a company embraces change, the better its chances of success. Most business leaders understand this, but when the time comes for real change to be made, many fail to consider the effects of these adjustments on the company as a whole…. [ Read more ]

A Print Management Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

Mike O'Leary

Print management is rarely a popular topic of discussion among leaders in healthcare, even when they’re performing value analyses and devising strategies to reduce costs. Many healthcare organizations have a contract with a managed print services (MPS) provider, and too often, the assumption is that all potential savings are accounted for in the contract. MPS… [ Read more ]

The Pharos and HP Partnership Continues to Shine

Brandon Heffernan

Pharos was recently presented with its fourth straight Quality Excellence Award at the 2016 HP Partner Conference. We are pleased and thankful to be recognized in this way by HP, and we will continue to work hard to exceed the expectations of our partners. In the words of Ed Wingate, Vice President & General Manager… [ Read more ]

Print Management Lessons from a Cat

Dale McIntyre

Heat loss. Wasted energy. The unwanted transfer of thermal energy. Yes, we can learn a lot from a cat. Heat, or thermal energy, is a wavelength of light that is invisible to our eyes. While most of us know that heat loss happens, we don’t really understand the magnitude of it until we get a… [ Read more ]

Printers Must Be Part of a Strong Security Policy

John Janikowski

You may have heard about the recent hack that resulted in the printing of racist fliers at several U.S. universities. This event is appropriately turning attention to an often overlooked area of vulnerability. You might not think of printers and multi-function devices as a high-risk security target, but as experts in the print industry, we… [ Read more ]

Is Your Company Wasting Money on Office Printing?

Dale McIntyre

Every large company competing in the global market today is doing what it can to drive growth, reduce costs, and improve information security and supply chain efficiency. However, there’s one frequently overlooked area that serves all of these goals when managed strategically: printing. That’s right. All of these goals can be addressed by an old… [ Read more ]

Chasing Green: Why Companies Are Adopting Sustainable Printing

Dale McIntyre

For many businesses, office printing represents one of the largest expense categories, and yet few business leaders give it much thought. Some companies attempt to create a paperless office, and then they face all of the practical challenges and security uncertainties that accompany making that shift. Others ride a status quo that tacitly allows printing… [ Read more ]

How to Create a More Sustainable Print Environment

Dale McIntyre

From 2011 to 2013, the percentage of Standard and Poor’s 500 companies publishing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports rose from 20 percent to 72 percent. The message was clear: Disclosing information on sustainability performance is no longer just a way for business leaders to get ahead of the competition; it’s a requirement to avoid… [ Read more ]

Delivering Print As It Should Be

Paul Reddy

Print has been around a long time—since about 1040 AD if we include the movable type system from China. The first distributed printing system was arguably the modern laser printer, which was commercialized in 1976 and has since become a staple of almost every office in the world. Today, practically every company, regardless of its… [ Read more ]

How to Foster Mindful Printing Habits

Dale McIntyre

Most people don’t give much thought to office printing. Because printing is a habitual part of everyday office workflows and processes, it’s often taken for granted. This tendency even applies to the people who are tasked with managing print for their organizations. Typically, cost management strategies for office printing are focused only on print devices… [ Read more ]

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