Pharos Systems is Proud to Partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to Bring Light to the Darkness of Cancer!

ROCHESTER, NY, JULY 2022 — Pharos Systems International, a leading cloud services and technology company specializing in print management software, is partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society® (LLS) to help raise money for the Rochester Light The Night event on September 23, 2022. Pharos is excited to sponsor the upcoming event, which brings the local community together to celebrate, honor, and remember those touched by cancer.


LLS funds blood cancer research around the world, provides free information and support services, and is the voice for all blood cancer patients seeking access to quality, affordable, coordinated care. Light The Night brings light to the darkness of cancer through hope, research and support for patients and families.  Through this inspirational nationwide movement, they raise awareness and funding for groundbreaking research and treatment options to eliminate cancer.

Pharos has been sponsoring the event for the last four years. Their involvement in Light The Night was inspired by one of their employees, Michael O’Leary, who is currently in active recovery from Multiple Myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. After his diagnosis in 2018, Michael formed the Remission Possible team, which has raised $73,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, with contributions from Pharos and their employees. The team’s goal in 2022 is to surpass the $100,000 donation mark.

“When you hear the words ‘you have cancer,’ it’s one of the darkest moments in your life. That was what I faced four years ago. Since then, I have been touched by many affected with cancer and have worked closely with the LLS. Pharos, its employees, and family members are excited to support this year’s event – to celebrate, honor, and remember those touched by cancer. Our hope is that others will join us at Light The Night to bring hope instead of despair when it comes to blood cancer. It’s an uplifting, emotional, and respectful event that instills hope in all of us,” said Michael.

Pharos CEO, Kevin Pickhardt, joins Michael O’Leary as co-chair for the Western & Central New York Light The Night Campaign. Their collective focus is to develop the region in terms of building awareness, gaining corporate participation, and helping support the mission of curing blood cancers.

“I have been inspired by Mike’s commitment to use one of the darkest moments in his life to bring light to others. Pharos has benefitted directly and indirectly from the work of LLS, and I am honored to represent my colleagues at Pharos as we help to kindle Mike’s flame and ignite those of others in our community,” said Kevin.

Since its founding, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has helped expand what is possible for blood cancer patients, investing more than $1.5 billion in blood cancer research; helping advance 85% of all blood cancer treatment options approved by the USFDA since 2017. Pharos is proud to partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to support the upcoming Rochester event.

To learn more about the Rochester Light the Night event, and how to participate, visit:

For more information about Pharos Systems International and upcoming events, visit

About Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS)
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® (LLS) is a global leader in the fight against cancer. The LLS mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world, provides free information and support services, and is the voice for all blood cancer patients seeking access to quality, affordable, coordinated care.

Pharos and Microsoft: Simplifying Print Management Together

Last week, Microsoft announced the public preview of Universal Print, their cloud-based printing service within Microsoft 365. Universal Print is scheduled for official launch in 2021.

Since the private preview of Universal Print announced in March, Microsoft has included in their development process several technology and solutions partners, including Pharos. Our development team has been working with the Universal Print team at Microsoft to align our technologies and ensure that integration is a simple process for site administrators.

This quote from Pharos CEO Kevin Pickhardt is pulled from Microsoft’s official announcement:

As part of their Inspire event, Microsoft published a Pharos blog in their Tech Community. They also introduced Pharos print management solutions to their sales staff as part of their preparation and training to serve existing and future customers.

Our Universal Print page includes a video that shows how easy it is for IT staff to integrate Universal Print and Pharos Beacon to secure their printers and employee printing workflows in a Microsoft 365 environment.

Everyone at Pharos is looking forward to working with Microsoft and businesses all over the world, as we continue to innovate in the cloud to make printing more simple, secure, efficient, and sustainable.

Pharos Receives Customer Focus Award from HP

Pharos is proud to announce that we received the Customer Focus award from HP at the Global Partners Conference held last month. HP’s JetAdvantage division recognized eight strategic partners who have gone the extra mile to help HP and its customers reach and exceed their goals.

Every year, HP brings their partner companies together from all over the world to celebrate successes, discuss new ideas and strategies, and explore digital transformation concepts for our evolving business landscape. This year’s event was historic in that everyone participated from home via teleconference, connected to a worldwide audience.

The Customer Focus award was presented to Pharos by Jeff Schaus, Director of Commercial Solutions & Services for HP. Said Schaus, “[Pharos] puts complete focus on listening to customer needs and providing solutions tailored to those needs.”

“Together, HP and Pharos were able to win a significant MPS deal with a major technology company this year. Their user-focused solution design met the needs of end-users and their flexible deployment model met the unique needs of IT.”

“Operationally, they were able to provide a proof of concept in fewer than three months to help secure the deal. Their responsiveness, kind nature, and willingness to continue to adapt the solution to the customer’s changing requirements made them a solution partner that our mutual customer feels they can trust—now and for years to come.”

“There’s a tremendous amount of trust between this customer and Pharos, and [the process] reinforced the trust that HP and Pharos have always had. But it’s really a quote from the customer itself that says it all—”

This is the best vendor experience that I’ve had in 15 years of being in IT.

This award marks the eighth time HP has specifically recognized Pharos as a critical strategic partner, celebrating important achievements that have added great value to our mutual customers. Here’s a summary of recent HP awards that collectively demonstrate the many different ways that HP and Pharos solve problems together for organizations all over the world:

2020: Customer Focus
2019: Customer First
2017: Innovation Excellence
2016: Partner in Quality Excellence
2015: Partner in Quality Excellence
2014: Partner in Quality Excellence
2013: Partner in Sales Excellence
2011: Outstanding Technical Collaborator

HP and Pharos are more than just technology partners: We strategize together, we solve together, and we often support our customers together. We all look forward to the exciting future we are building together!

HP Presents Pharos with “Customer First” Award

Hewlett-Packard recently presented Pharos with its “Customer First” award at their Global Partner Conference in Barcelona. It’s the latest in a long history of recognition for Pharos as a key strategic partner and solution provider for our mutual customers, which include some of the largest and most well-known global brands.

Here’s a quick summary of recent HP awards that collectively demonstrate the many different ways that HP and Pharos engage:

2019: Customer First
2017: Innovation Excellence
2016: Partner in Quality Excellence
2015: Partner in Quality Excellence
2014: Partner in Quality Excellence
2013: Partner in Sales Excellence
2011: Outstanding Technical Collaborator

In the words of Ed Wingate, Vice President & General Manager of JetAdvantage Document Solutions at Hewlett-Packard:

This award acknowledges Pharos Systems for putting our mutual customer needs and requirements ahead of any other business priorities and doing what it takes to meet ambitious requirements. With a long-standing history of collaboration and excellence, Pharos has managed to exceed their already outstanding ability to put customers first.

Under the pressure of sometimes unrealistic timelines to meet the requirements of back-to-back POCs for two major global enterprise companies, Pharos rose to the challenge without hesitation. Their dedication and commitment to create a customized cloud print management solution has helped put HP in the top position—paving the road for a major win. Their willingness to adapt their solution on the fly to meet customer requirements has been unparalleled.

By choosing Pharos as their development partner in the cloud, HP has demonstrated their trust in Pharos as a company of dedicated innovators. And HP and Pharos are more than just technology partners: We strategize together, we solve together, and we often support our customers together. We all look forward to the exciting future we are building together!

Pharos Recognized for Office Print Security Expertise

Pharos was recently recognized for office print security expertise in Inc magazine and ReadWrite. The article in Inc is titled Too Much, Too Fast: How to Survive High-Speed Startup Growth, by author and CEO Rhett Power. He explores the challenges of rapid growth and how entrepreneurs can successfully navigate those challenges.

Keeping costs under control in such an environment can be difficult, and Power offers print management as an overlooked opportunity to reduce operating expenses.

Things like employee lunch reimbursements or printing costs (remember all that paperwork?) can burn through cash fast. The latter is actually a surprisingly common pitfall a lot of growing startups face, according to Pharos Systems International, an enterprise print solutions provider. To keep costs in check, secure all devices across your organization and communicate the benefits of workflow efficiency to combat what CEO Kevin Pickhardt describes as ‘a cavalier attitude toward printers—a perception that office printing is free or close to it.’ His company has found that these measures can cut printing output (and the associated costs) by 40 percent.

The article in ReadWrite is titled “The Biggest Hacking Risk? Your Employees,” by Editor-in-Chief Brad Anderson. Anderson emphasizes the importance of employee awareness and training in an evolving security landscape. He explores some areas of corporate security that tend to fly under the radar, including employee negligence, the importance of proactive ethical hacking, and overlooked network security vectors—including office printers:

Consider something as seemingly innocuous as your printers. These can be easily hijacked and sent print jobs, such as when a hacker named ‘Weev’ was able to access public computers nationwide and print anti-Semitic literature. Kevin Pickhardt, CEO of enterprise print solutions provider Pharos Systems International, explains this danger: ‘Data-loss prevention solutions put a digital wrapper around a business, but paper can sometimes escape that wrapper. Office printers are not only potential sources of data loss and confidentiality issues, but attack vectors that hackers can exploit.’ Be sure to take precautions like secure pull-printing, in which employees can only retrieve their own print jobs with secure credentials.

You can read the full text of these articles here:

>> Too Much, Too Fast: How to Survive High-Speed Startup Growth (Inc.)

>> The Biggest Hacking Risk? Your Employees (ReadWrite)

The Pharos and HP Partnership Continues to Shine

Pharos was recently presented with its fourth straight Quality Excellence Award at the 2016 HP Partner Conference. We are pleased and thankful to be recognized in this way by HP, and we will continue to work hard to exceed the expectations of our partners.

In the words of Ed Wingate, Vice President & General Manager of JetAdvantage Document Solutions at Hewlett-Packard:

“At HP, quality means products developed with the customer’s needs above all else. The Quality Excellence Award recognizes a partner who demonstrates this exacting standard of quality in its print solutions. In their collaboration with HP on HP JetAdvantage Insights, Pharos Systems International has been quick to meet new feature requests and changing requirements driven by customer feedback. Response from customers has been uniformly full of praise. For their outstanding work on Insights and other Pharos solutions, HP proudly presents Pharos with the 2016 HP JetAdvantage Solutions Quality Excellence Award.”

Read more about this award >>