Believe it or not, printing is often one of the largest expense categories in healthcare. As a result, leaders in healthcare are seeking proven solutions that prevent overspending on office printing, clinical and production printing, and print that is externally sourced. By managing print with help from Pharos, healthcare organizations are able to re-direct millions in savings to their primary mission—patient care.

The following case study and externally published articles provide a backdrop on the print-related issues that leaders in healthcare face today, and a solid foundation of expertise to help guide your strategy for managing print.

Pharos – Banner Health Case Study:

This case study describes our journey with Banner Health and how we are able to help them save millions of dollars each year on their total enterprise printing costs.

Improving Document Security & Savings in Healthcare:

Healthcare providers and payers have an important opportunity that too often goes unrecognized. While most professionals express concern about reducing costs and ensuring security, not many think about (let alone audit) their organization’s office printing habits and related spending. But those that do always come away surprised by the size of the opportunity to save their organization millions while also improving device security and document confidentiality.

How to reduce healthcare printing costs by 40% or more:

In this article in Becker’s Health IT Review, we explore how a holistic print strategy yields significant measurable results and reductions in the total cost of ownership of 40 percent or more.

This overlooked technology reduces a major hidden cost:

In this article in Healthcare Business & Technology, we explore EMR adoption rates and how hospitals can save money by using a proactive approach to print management.

Need to secure your office printers and documents? We can help.

Stop wasting money – Print management essentials for healthcare organizations:

In this article in Becker’s Hospital CFO Review, we explore the costs associated with non-essential printing habits and inefficient print workflows. When you attack the demand side of the problem strategically, you can begin to reduce print volume to business-critical documents and then optimize your printer fleet for this reduced demand.

Is your security compromised by a weak print strategy?

In this article in Becker’s Health IT Review, we explore the critical security risks that healthcare organizations face, including the often-overlooked area of print, which is especially important to healthcare organizations that must protect documents containing confidential patient information.

You probably don’t want to spend your time and energy thinking about print optimization. Focus on what matters most to your business while we work to design a holistic print strategy for your enterprise. You’ll be surprised to see how much more efficient your printing operations can be and how much money you can save your organization every year. Start the conversation today!