Managing print in 2021 involves factors that we couldn’t have foreseen at this time last year. Home offices and touchless printing are part of our new normal.

Corporate offices are only just beginning to trickle in employees as the vaccination effort begins. Even with a vaccinated population, careful office protocols are likely here to stay.

Touchless printing mobile app

Printing in the office had been changing long before the coronavirus pandemic. Companies are increasingly seeking to offload technology services to the cloud while exploring every opportunity to save money and secure their business print workflows.

With these realities in mind, IT managers can shift the burden of managing print to the cloud, equip employees with mobile printing capability, and leverage print analytics for insights into how people are printing and the costs associated with this printing.

As companies prepare to bring employees back gradually, IT managers can also provide touchless secure printing capability so that people have options when it comes to touching shared surfaces like printer control panels.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn how easy it is to achieve these goals with Sentry Print, our secure cloud print management solution. Watch to learn more about the changing world of print management and how Pharos can help you make a huge difference for your organization!

(This webinar was held on Wednesday, December 16, 2020.)