The Cost of Print-Related Security Breaches is on the Rise

Quocirca, a global market insight and research firm, recently published its annual Print Security Landscape 2023 study, finding increasing concerns around the risks of printing, and declining confidence in the ability to protect the print infrastructure against security breaches.

Findings included:

  • 61% of organizations experienced a print-related data loss in the previous year
  • 27% of IT security incidents relate to paper documents
  • Only 19% of enterprises (1,000+ employees) are completely confident that their print infrastructure is protected from security breaches and data losses
  • 70% of organizations say printing will remain critical or very important to their business over the next year
  • 79% of organizations expect their print security spend to increase over the next year

Quocirca also included recommendations for buyers and suppliers of print infrastructure and services, noting that “Pharos stands out for its strong focus on security across both its on-premise and cloud platform, its proven expertise in supporting the complex and high-availability requirements of large enterprises, and a mature approach to zero-trust security….Pharos is a good choice for large enterprises looking to take advantage of a secure, cloud-based infrastructure while still benefiting from traditional secure print functionality. Along with functionality to support printing in the home environment and secure scanning, Pharos is currently one of the more fully featured print management platforms.”

As Quocirca identified, we at Pharos take security seriously and consider it an integral and foundational part of our company and solutions. We went through the rigorous process of achieving ISO 27001 certification to demonstrate our continued commitment to information security at every level, and to ensure our customers that the security of their data and information has been addressed and properly controlled.  It’s no wonder that we have been identified as a market leader in print security, and why some of the largest and most security-conscious customers in the world—including those in Healthcare, Banking, and the Defense industries—trust us to enhance the security of their print infrastructure.

To read an excerpt of the Quocirca Print Security Landscape 2023, click here.