Printers might not leap to mind when you think about the most high-risk security targets. As experts in the print industry, we know the threat is greater than many people think.

There have been several recent incidents in the news on printer-related security breaches. Most likely, there are many more such security events that never make it to the public arena.

You might not realize it, but your network printers can introduce serious security and confidentiality risk if not properly managed. You also need to consider the print output from these devices. Every day, sensitive information is printed and then forgotten in output trays. You could have a serious security breach if confidential documents are collected by the wrong person and taken offsite.

We recently hosted a live webinar on the critical role of office printing in the corporate security landscape. The strong attendance at this event reinforces how serious this issue is to IT managers and security professionals everywhere.

Click here to access the recording of this popular webinar. Watch and listen at your own pace—you’ll learn 7 things you must do to secure your printing infrastructure. As your organization continually refines its security strategy, make it a priority to secure your printers and documents.


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