Healthcare Print Management Case Study

Healthcare organizations face many critical business issues today. Chief among them are increasing operational expenses and HIPAA privacy and security compliance challenges. Imagine being able to address both of these challenges together and achieve clear, measurable results.

With so many urgent priorities to manage, many healthcare IT professionals have not given much thought to the total cost of printing across their organization. The reality is, printing is one of the largest expense categories in healthcare when all factors are considered.

Healthcare Print Management

This is why many leaders in healthcare are seeking proven solutions that prevent overspending on office printing, clinical and production printing, and print that is externally sourced.

With help from Pharos, healthcare organizations are able to re-direct millions in savings to their primary mission—patient care.

One of these leaders is Banner Health, a nationally recognized Integrated Health Network with 28 facilities and over 47,000 employees.

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Banner Health is committed to making a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care. They also apply this drive to proactively managing their operational and “back office” expenses so that they can continue to expand their patient care services.

Banner brought Pharos and its industry-leading technology and services to the table to help them save over $16 million and counting!

We leveraged Beacon Analytics, our cloud-native print management solution built on AWS, to collect and analyze print data across the Banner network. We used that data to inform a comprehensive print strategy that would save Banner $30 million over ten years. Now above $16 million, we are ahead of pace on this 10-year objective.

Learn more in this detailed healthcare print management case study. See how Pharos and Banner Health exceeded our own high expectations together. We can do the same for your organization!