Deploying any secure pull print solution in a large enterprise that has thousands of printers and multi-function devices can be complex and time consuming. After all, each device needs to be secured and configured with the system. Imagine how much simpler and easier the process would be if it took less than a minute to secure each printer in your environment—something unheard of for such installations.

In the coming weeks and months we will be rolling out our Sentry line of secure pull print products for the corporate enterprise, which will coexist with our current iMFP and Omega devices. The critical difference is that our Pharos Sentry products were redesigned from the ground up to be as simple as possible—simple on every front.

For us to achieve this, the key was simplifying the installation story. The design goal was to create a product that’s so easy to install that anyone can do it without any training. This is what Sentry brings to the table. Securing any device in any environment takes less than a minute. This is a game changer for our large corporate customers.

The first member of the Sentry product family to launch will be the Sentry SR25. This small device will replace the Omega PS60. Both the PS60 and SR25 share a common end-user experience; simply swipe your ID card and all of your print jobs are released. No user training required.

But with the SR25, this simple user story is extended to deployment teams. No user training is required, and no installation training is required. Simply take the SR25 out of the box, plug in the color-coded cables, power it on, and swipe your ID card. All the necessary device discovery and configuration happens instantly and automatically. There’s no need to access the administrator console to manually configure each device. It’s so easy, you won’t need any help from your kids!

We are proud to introduce the SR25, the first in our line of Sentry products, and happy to bring an unprecedented level of simplicity and ease to our corporate customers and technology partners.