Does Your Organization Have a Print Security Policy?

Mike O'Leary

Mike O'Leary Mike O'Leary

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Not everyone thinks about printers when it comes time to create or reevaluate security policies. However, to avoid cracks in the foundation of your organization’s network security, it’s important to implement policies and procedures for the print infrastructure across the enterprise to keep it secure and your systems protected.

The other facet of print security is the protection of confidential information. It’s not uncommon for people to carelessly print documents that contain sensitive information intended for certain eyes only.

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How many times have you seen documents left sitting on or near a printer? This is why a comprehensive print security policy must include measures that ensure document confidentiality.

Deploying technology that forces employees to enter their network credentials at office printers before they can receive their documents — called secure pull printing — eliminates piles of forgotten documents and prevents sensitive information from being accessed or picked up by passersby. This is especially beneficial in the financial and healthcare industries, where sensitive information is handled routinely.

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