Late last year, Google announced its intent to phase out its Google Cloud Print service to support native printing on ChromeOS devices. Pharos Uniprint integrates Google Cloud Print to support Chromebook users, and we will have an alternative solution available well before Google officially disables the GCP service on December 31st, 2020.

Starting with Uniprint, we will continue to support printing from Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices. This update will be available over the summer so that our higher education customers can be fully prepared for the 2020 fall semester.

When Chromebook users print, their print jobs will still be passed to their Uniprint queue for accounting, tracking, and secure release.

Our summer update will not disable the Google Cloud Print feature immediately so that Uniprint administrators can make the transition at their own pace. Following our summer Uniprint update, we will integrate our support for Chromebook users into Beacon, our cloud print management solution for corporate enterprises and higher education back-office needs.

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