Even before the global coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020, many organizations were already looking to externalize their print infrastructure to align with their overall IT strategy. Cloud-based printing dramatically simplifies the print process and makes it easier and more secure for employees to print.

In today’s climate of remote workers and skeleton crews in offices, this change is accelerating and the removal of print infrastructure has come into focus. IT managers don’t want to have to manage print servers, print queues, and print drivers. They just need printing to work reliably for all employees and not consume anyone’s time.

Cloud print management image

Print is an essential service but non-strategic to many organizations. Many IT managers report that print distracts them from core functions and responsibilities. This reinforces the need to simplify and offload print infrastructure and document output management to specialized cloud services. We have seen this trend accelerate in the post-lockdown era as workers become more distributed, increasing the effort required to deliver print services.

With Sentry Print, employees can print from any network, be it their home office or other remote location, and then release their documents at the office when it’s convenient. Cloud-based secure printing saves companies a lot of money while also making it easy for employees to print however they choose—from their workstation or their phone, using the printer control panel or going touchless.

In this video, we explore the many benefits of the zero-infrastructure approach to printing, and how Sentry Print aligns with today’s cloud migration strategies for the corporate office.

(This webinar was held on Thursday, May 14, 2020.)