Few people realize it, but at $2,700 per gallon, black printer ink is one of the highest-priced liquids on Earth — five times more expensive than an equal volume of Dom Perignon.

Office printing can be a huge expense, especially if many employees have their own desktop printers rather than shared network devices. The initial outlay on hardware is one issue, but the lifetime cost of a printer is far greater than that initial cost.

Printing a single monochrome page typically costs about 2 to 4 cents, and the cost for color can run as high as 60 cents per page, depending on the quantity of ink required to produce the page. These figures might seem small when considering a single document, but few company leaders have an accurate idea of how many pages employees churn out.

When asked, most people grossly underestimate their organizations’s total annual print volume. We’ve found that companies routinely spend between 1 and 3 percent of their annual revenue on printing, year after year.

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