Beacon Release Enhances Security and Improves User Experience

Team Pharos

Pharos’ cloud-based Beacon print management platform is designed to reduce your IT infrastructure and printing costs by moving your print infrastructure to the cloud, securing the end-to-end printing process, and providing the clarity and insights needed to determine the best print strategy for your organization. The latest Beacon release brings several new features that enhance security and improve both user and administrative experience.  Enhancing Security  Single Sign-on: The Beacon web management console now supports Single Sign-on (SSO) enabling system users to log in to Beacon using their existing credentials… [ Read more ]

PrintNightmare: Securing Your Print Infrastructure

Scott Olswold

You have no doubt heard about the “PrintNightmare” problem in the news. It’s a class of vulnerabilities in just about every Windows-based device, including servers, desktops, and laptops. The problem is present in the print spooler service that is enabled by default and provides facilities for managing printers and printing documents. This particular story started on… [ Read more ]

Is Print on Your Company’s Zero Trust Security Checklist?

Brad Nelson
March 2021

When it comes to network security, the conventional wisdom was that a secure perimeter will keep out the bad guys, like a moat around a castle to defend against pillagers. But keeping up with sophisticated and evolving threats, both external and internal, has become an expensive game that never ends. To stay ahead of the… [ Read more ]

Managing Print in 2021: What You Need to Know Now

Team Pharos
January, 2021

Managing print in 2021 involves factors that we couldn’t have foreseen at this time last year. Home offices and touchless printing are part of our new normal. Corporate offices are only just beginning to trickle in employees as the vaccination effort begins. Even with a vaccinated population, careful office protocols are likely here to stay…. [ Read more ]

Pharos Products and Services Unaffected by the SolarWinds Exploit

Team Pharos
December 2020

The Pharos Security Team has been watching with heightened awareness the developing cyberattack on federal and corporate computing systems by way of vulnerabilities found in several versions of the SolarWinds Orion software platform. Pharos does not use SolarWinds Orion software for internal or cloud-based systems. We have completed an audit of all computing platforms within… [ Read more ]

Blueprint Enterprise 5.3 Update 3 Now Available!

Team Pharos
December 2020

We’re happy to announce the latest update to Blueprint Enterprise! Update 3 provides administrative improvements and several new features, including touchless printing via the Pharos Print mobile app, a new admin page for mobile QR Code release configuration, and Sentry Print support for additional HP, Konica Minolta, and Xerox devices! New Features in This Release:… [ Read more ]

Touchless Printing at Work and on Campus: Creating a Safer, Better Experience

Team Pharos
December 2020

We all know that 2020 has changed the world in many ways. The realms of business and education have certainly been among the most visibly affected. So many things are different now, and everyone has had to adapt to changes we never could have foreseen. Business and educational institutions all over the world have had… [ Read more ]

Pharos Is Now Chrome Enterprise Recommended!

Team Pharos
October 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Google has recognized Pharos Systems as a Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner! Chrome Enterprise Recommended is Google’s partner program for third-party solutions that are verified by Google to meet certain technical and support standards for Chrome OS and Chrome devices. (See Solution Brief on As part of this partnership,… [ Read more ]

Print Solutions for Healthcare: The Banner Health Story

Mike O'Leary
September 2020

Healthcare Print Management Case Study Healthcare organizations face many critical business issues today. Chief among them are increasing operational expenses and HIPAA privacy and security compliance challenges. Imagine being able to address both of these challenges together and achieve clear, measurable results. With so many urgent priorities to manage, many healthcare IT professionals have not… [ Read more ]

Cloud Printing for the New Office

Cal Curtice
September, 2020

Even before the global coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020, many organizations were already looking to externalize their print infrastructure to align with their overall IT strategy. Cloud-based printing dramatically simplifies the print process and makes it easier and more secure for employees to print. In today’s climate of remote workers and skeleton crews in… [ Read more ]