Advice for Technology Buyers from IDC

IDC, a third-party analyst firm focused on the IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, recently debuted their annual Marketscape Worldwide Print Management Solutions Independent Software 2021 Vendor Assessment report analyzing the capabilities and strategies of prominent independent print management software vendors. Of the 11 vendors analyzed in the report, Pharos was positioned in the Leaders category. 

Whether you are well into the discovery and research phase for finding a print management solution, or just beginning the journey, the Worldwide Print Management Solutions Independent Software 2021 Vendor Assessment can provide answers to key questions about which vendor fits your print needs.

View an excerpt of the report here

Questions to Ask When Considering Print Management Software: 

Choosing the right print management software can be a daunting task, but starting with the right questions and criteria can help you choose the right vendor and platform for your organization’s specific needs. Questions that IDC recommends when evaluating independent print management software vendors include:   

  1. What core needs exist, companywide, when it comes to print management: cost savings, better print job control, improved visibility into device usage, reduction in IT burden, and easy access to users for print? 
  2. How is the hybrid working model changing the printing landscape? Do we have a need to now track home printing? 
  3. What will the key metrics be for successful print management: reduction in overall print devices, supply cost reduction of ink and toner, improved worker productivity, enhanced document security, and companywide print activity tracking? 
  4. How will the print management solution address industry-specific considerations?  
  5. How will upgrades, updates, service, and maintenance be handled? 
  6. What type of internal IT support will the print management solution require? 
  7. What types of deployment options are available: on premises, cloud, and hybrid?  

IDC MarketScape’s Findings on the Best Print Management Software Vendor: 

With these questions in mind, IDC evaluated prominent independent print management software vendors and  positioned Pharos  in the “Leaders” category in providing product-specific services that address a wide-ranging print landscape, an expansive approach to delivering horizontal and vertical print management solutions through direct and partner-led engagements, and comprehensive service and solution development and support.

IDC noted that “Pharos delivers print management solutions that focus on requirements set forth by the customer. To support this, Pharos developed platforms to serve cloud-based infrastructure needs, on-premises solutions, and specific vertical requests such as education with print for pay. Pharos can deliver a comprehensive set of print management offerings designed to address the entire print infrastructure.” 

To read an excerpt from the IDC MarketScape report, click here.

Sources: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Print Management Solutions Independent Software 2021 Vendor Assessment 

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