How to Create a More Sustainable Print Environment

Dale McIntyre

From 2011 to 2013, the percentage of Standard and Poor’s 500 companies publishing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports rose from 20 percent to 72 percent. The message was clear: Disclosing information on sustainability performance is no longer just a way for business leaders to get ahead of the competition; it’s a requirement to avoid… [ Read more ]

Delivering Print As It Should Be

Paul Reddy

Print has been around a long time—since about 1040 AD if we include the movable type system from China. The first distributed printing system was arguably the modern laser printer, which was commercialized in 1976 and has since become a staple of almost every office in the world. Today, practically every company, regardless of its… [ Read more ]

How to Foster Mindful Printing Habits

Dale McIntyre

Most people don’t give much thought to office printing. Because printing is a habitual part of everyday office workflows and processes, it’s often taken for granted. This tendency even applies to the people who are tasked with managing print for their organizations. Typically, cost management strategies for office printing are focused only on print devices… [ Read more ]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Reduce Costs and Secure Information

Mike O'Leary

In 2005, HIMSS Analytics developed the electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM) to measure the degree to which hospitals have improved their electronic medical record systems and facilitated progress toward paperless workflows. EMRAM measures the use of information technology applications according to eight stages, from 0 to 7, in which Stage 7 is the highest… [ Read more ]

Leading in the Business of Change

Kevin Pickhardt

A few years ago, we asked some of our customers a simple question, “What has Pharos helped you to achieve?” Most of them easily recognized that we help them save money. While that’s an inevitable result of working with Pharos, we sought to understand on a deeper level what it is that really drives that… [ Read more ]