Change Your Company’s Printing Habits For Big Savings

Mike O'Leary

Few people realize it, but at $2,700 per gallon, black printer ink is one of the highest-priced liquids on Earth — five times more expensive than an equal volume of Dom Perignon. Office printing can be a huge expense, especially if many employees have their own desktop printers rather than shared network devices. The initial… [ Read more ]

Sustainability Requires Authenticity

Dale McIntyre

Eco-friendliness and sustainability weigh so strongly on the minds of consumers today that many will even pay more for environmentally conscious products and services. In response, companies are becoming more mindful of how their operations affect the environment, taking a more active and genuine approach to sustainability to attract Millennials, who crave authenticity. Millennials are… [ Read more ]

How to Minimize Printing to Maximize Results

Dale McIntyre

Typically, it costs a business about 2 to 4 cents to print a single black-and-white page and up to 15 cents to print in color. Add in color graphics, and costs can climb as high as 60 cents per page. These seemingly tiny amounts add up over time, and yet many company leaders don’t consider… [ Read more ]