Print Management Webinar: Why Baseline Data Is Critical

Cal Curtice

When you think about all the printing your organization does, it’s easy to see why printing is often one of the top recurring expenses. Armed with the right tools and strategy, you can make print the way it should be for your organization: secure, cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. To design a successful print management strategy,… [ Read more ]

Take Your Company’s Sustainability Program to the Next Level

Dale McIntyre

Sustainability is a hot-button issue, and its importance is only growing. In 2011, just 20 percent of Standard and Poor’s 500 companies published environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports; by 2013, that figure had risen to 72 percent. Consumer preference is helping to drive this change. According to Nielsen, brands with a demonstrable commitment to… [ Read more ]

Use Cloud-based Insights to Reduce Printing Costs

Dale McIntyre

For many organizations, office printing is one of the top expense categories — yet many companies pay little attention to this ongoing expense. When asked, they usually underestimate how much they’re actually spending on print each year. We’ve found the annual cost of printing is typically about $1,000 per employee, after factoring in paper, toner,… [ Read more ]

Lessons Learned From Our B Corp Certification

Dale McIntyre

“Leaders aren’t born; they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” Those are Vince Lombardi’s words, but I can relate. Leading Pharos through the rigorous B Corp certification process changed our company’s profile and had a profound effect on the way I approach leadership. Leading an organization through a… [ Read more ]

Creating a brand experience that builds trust

Dale McIntyre

Price is no longer top dog in B2B purchasing decisions — by 2020, customer experience will outrank price as a determining factor when consumers choose a brand. The upshot of this claim is that trust, not price, is now the most important indicator of the strength of your relationship with your customers. When your customers… [ Read more ]

Fostering a Mindset of Discovery

Brandon Heffernan

In a business context, fostering a mindset of discovery starts with the belief that we are better together. Expanding our perspectives and exploring differing views are important aspects of personal and professional growth. The benefits of this growth extend beyond the individual and group dynamics to the broader enterprise and beyond. Curiosity may be the… [ Read more ]

Reduce Your IT Costs and Security Risks

Dale McIntyre

Federal agencies are increasingly under intense scrutiny and pressure to cut costs, tighten security and become more sustainable. Agencies can go about this any number of ways, but one path toward achieving all of these goals is often hidden: the proactive management of office printing. Print management solutions are a hidden treasure for government and… [ Read more ]

How To Infuse Sustainability Into Your Company

Dale McIntyre

Today’s consumers favor businesses that try to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Last year, Nielsen found found that nearly 75 percent of millennials are willing to pay more for a sustainable product. Two years ago, we decided it was time to push ourselves and our employees toward an authentic mindset of… [ Read more ]

Change Your Company’s Printing Habits For Big Savings

Mike O'Leary

Few people realize it, but at $2,700 per gallon, black printer ink is one of the highest-priced liquids on Earth — five times more expensive than an equal volume of Dom Perignon. Office printing can be a huge expense, especially if many employees have their own desktop printers rather than shared network devices. The initial… [ Read more ]

Sustainability Requires Authenticity

Dale McIntyre

Eco-friendliness and sustainability weigh so strongly on the minds of consumers today that many will even pay more for environmentally conscious products and services. In response, companies are becoming more mindful of how their operations affect the environment, taking a more active and genuine approach to sustainability to attract Millennials, who crave authenticity. Millennials are… [ Read more ]