Print Management Solutions for
All Types of Organizations

Pharos specializes in print management software for enterprises and universities.

Pharos Cloud

True SaaS Print Management

Pharos Cloud is a suite of print management and optimization solutions built for complex print environments.

Pharos Insights

Cut printing costs and optimize your printer fleet using detailed analytics about how people print across your organization.

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Pharos Direct Print

Migrate direct-to-printer workflows to the cloud so you can remove print servers and simplify print driver management.

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Pharos Secure Release

Strengthen document security and reduce waste with a secure print workflow requiring authentication to release print jobs.

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Pharos Print-at-Home

Gain visibility and control over your employees’ at-home printing, with or without a VPN.

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On-Premises Print Management Products

Solutions designed for every organization.

Pharos Blueprint

Pharos Blueprint is the premier on-premises solution for corporate enterprises. It delivers cost savings, waste reduction, and enhanced security by providing the information needed to optimize and consolidate an organization’s multi-vendor printer fleet.

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Pharos Uniprint

Pharos Uniprint is the comprehensive print management solution trusted by higher education and libraries to provide insight in campus-wide printing, recover and reduce printing costs, improve the student and staff printing experience, and enhance document security.

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